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” Hi, I am Luh Devie a Balinese Yoga Teacher who is also a gifted Balinese Chakra & Crystal Healer. I was born in a Balinese Hindus priest lineage and currently living in Ubud. I learnt the philosophy of yoga, Bhagavad Githa and Veda since I was young from my father and learnt about traditional herbal medicine from my late grandmother.

I began to explore ayurveda and herbal knowledge since 2006 and began to deepen my asana yoga practice as well as meditation when I tried to cure myself from depression, insomnia and addiction to eating soap, weight problems and cervical cancer. 

My passion is to combine the wisdom of Balinese culture with the wisdom of traditional yoga in my practice and teaching to heal those are in need. I believe and have proven that when yoga practices are combined with the right lifestyle and the right healing techniques, yoga can cure various health problems both physically and emotionally.

Enjoy the healing journey...

Holistic Yoga Therapy Session

We all have our individual lifestyle and health needs. A private consultation with scientific approach of yoga therapy will provide you with a tailor-made program, from cleansing practice to meditation practice, suitable specifically for your and your needs.

Chakra & Crystal Healing Session

Are you looking for alternative methods to help yourself? Maybe you have heard that energy work may be beneficial, but are unaware of how to use the chakras properly to feel better? Many are tired of seeking aid from doctors and medications, as most do not provide permanent solutions.

Vedic & Balinese Astrology Reading

  By combining the ancient  Vedic astrology, Chakra numerology with Balinese astrology, I will provide you about the important events in your life, love and career based on your birthday.

Move step forward with me

200 Hour Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

Chakra Yoga Teacher Training at Chakra Yoga School is a transformational experience. This is a unique and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program in the complete Science of Yoga with a specific focus on the Chakras. Steps beyond, going into the traditional view of chakras in ancient cultures, and extending into the understanding of energy wheels from the perspective of the quantum fields of modern physics, by joining this teacher training program.

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This Yin Teacher Training is a comparative study of three seemingly different approaches to health and well being — the Chinese Meridian system, the Chakra system of India and the Myofascial Trains of the West.  This teacher training will make you able to seamlessly blend together the knowledge of the East and the West in a way that will translate to comprehensive and effective sequences.

Master Healer Training

So you feel that walking in a healing path is a calling for your soul and the urge to help others feels unbearable, but not sure yet how to do that. Join this Master Healer Training class and learn about various types of healing techniques with Balinese healers.

Take a break and relax...

Chakra Healing & Yoga Retreat

Are you looking for alternative methods to help yourself? Maybe you have heard that energy work may be beneficial, but are unaware of how to use the chakras properly to feel better? This unique healing retreat program combined some energy holistic healing therapy such as chakra, crystal, sound therapy, with polarity therapy, ayurveda, yoga, breathing, meditation, acupuncture  therapy and food therapy to help you achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health and balance.

Balinese Spiritual Healing Retreat

 Are you seeking an authentic Balinese spiritual and cultural experience to assist in making positive lifestyle changes and facilitate healing? Join this Balinese Spiritual Healing retreat and meet Balinese priestesses, local healers steeped in the traditions of their ancestors. This Balinese Spiritual Healing Retreat is a unique and powerful retreat supporting your wellness journey on many different levels from the physical to the spiritual.

Liver Detox Retreat

Are you ready for a safe and rapid shift in your sense of well being? Would you LOVE to experience dramatic changes in your mental and physical health in just one week? If you answered “YES!” then you are ready to experience the natural high that comes from of releasing built up toxic. It’s time to remove the debris from your body so that your digestive engines — the organs in the digestive system — can function at high performance!

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What People Said

And this is just a few …

Alanna Molloy

“Thank you so much! Absolutely loved this course. So inspiring! It truly connected with so many things for me.”

Jodie Atkins

“A life changing course I never thought I would gain so much guidance and understanding. This is the best decision I have ever made. Can not praise this workshop enough.”

Mariela Pelaez

“Thank you so much for this experience and for sharing all your knowledge. I love the class that was full of interesting information.”