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We all have our individual lifestyle and health needs. With more than a decade of experiences in yoga, energy healing, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Herbalist, we have combined the brief consultation for Ayurvedic constitution, Chakra system, Chinese Medicine and Astrology to identify what your personal need are. A private consultation with scientific approach of yoga therapy will provide you with a tailor-made program, from cleansing practice to meditation practice, suitable specifically for your and your needs.


In this session we will do chakra checking and give you some questions related to your life style and health issue. All the information will be given written to you and will be use also in designing the proper yoga poses, breathing, meditation practice, life style and diet recommendations that can provide healing and balance properties in your energy.

Some information you can expect from this session:

  • Which of your chakras is not balanced
  • Your ayurvedic constitution
  • Needed Herbs
  • The suitable diet & lifestyle (Food you should avoid/take more)
  • Beneficial Crystal, Aromatherapy, Sound & Color Therapy
  • The most effective alternative medicine / healing techniques
  • The proper yoga sequence including cleansing practice, the asana/poses to balance minor & major chakras
  • The breathing/pranayama, mudra & bandha practice
  • Personal mantra based on your Sanskrit name
  • The Meditation Technique which is suitable for your constitution
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This is an additional private classes to practice your program and receive further adaptations/suggestion. The private classes should be carry out for a minimum 7 days and can be extended if needed. Only provided following an intake meeting.

"Nobody is perfect.
Not every pose good for everyone"

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