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My name is Luh Devie Ariestiani, but people like to call me Luh. I was born in a Balinese Hindus high priests lineage with father as a Nabe (guru for someone in the path to become a high priest). And I learnt about yoga philosophy specially Bhagavad Githa and herbals since I was little from my father and grandmother.

My journey into yoga asana began when I was trying to heal myself from many physical and emotional health problems. I have heart and liver problems due to an accident I experienced when I was a baby. Motorcycle and car accidents many times since my teens also make me often feel pain in several parts of the body. Not only that, physical violence, often bullied in school, and several times almost raped, had made me depressed and attempted suicide several times.

In 2010, after experiencing depression, insomnia and addiction to consuming bath soap for almost 3 years, finally made my health even worse and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Many times have to deal with doctors, psychologists and hospitals. Until one day when I was lying in the hospital, I had a voice in my head who told me that I would not end there. All that I experienced was just a starting point of a life mission that I had not yet carried out and I had to be able to find it.

After returning from the hospital, I began to change my diet and, on the advice of an online friend, I started practicing yoga asanas and meditating and gradually getting healthy. On a journey to find healing, one day I had a vision to leave my family and go to Ubud. There I met Kakiang Resi, a Hindu priest and lived with his family for a year. He gave me a book about Kundalini Yoga which he wrote when he was enlightened. Since then, many doors open for me to learn about Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Healing and Chinese Medicine. I got few times scholarship to join some yoga teacher training programs, join internship program in an Ayurvedic Clinic and did self study about medicine there. I started to apply everything that I learnt in order to heal myself and it works!

on 2013 I got opportunities to teach yoga to some orphan teenagers and from there I got many references to teach in many studios and wellness resort such as Swasti Eco Cottages, Five Elements, Blue Karma, Samadi Bali, Taksu Spa, Intuitive Flow, Ubud Yoga Center, Yoga Saraswati, etc.  At the same year I got alot of offers to talk in a workshop or immersion class about chakra, yoga, and healing and shared all what I have learnt and practice.

On 2015 I invited to talk and teach about Chakra Healing and Yoga in several yoga festival in Bali and Java. I have also had the privilege to teach about Chakra Healing to several Indonesian & French doctors, and ICU nurses at a hospital in Canada.

Now I found my life mission! I understand now why I have to experienced so many painful and tears in life. All are ways of life teaching me and guiding me so that I can help others. If you has to cross  on my journey, with a happy and open heart I will welcome you.

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