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Yoga Teachers

Devie is a multi-talented and founder of Chakra Yoga Bali. She was born in Balinese priests lineage and born as a gifted Chakra & Crystal Healer. As a Balinese, yoga practice  become her life style but she started her journey in yoga asana and healing when she’s trying to heal herself from many serious illness. On 2006 she start to deepen her knowledge in traditional herbal medicines and ayurveda. And after taking many Yoga Teacher Training Certifications, on 2013 she start share her yoga and healing practice and teach many regular classes, workshops, festivals and yoga teacher trainings. Doing yoga with her is another journey itself.  Her generosity in sharing knowledge will make you see yoga in different way.

As yoga practitioner, Thony Lu has completed some training when stayed in India for around 8 months, learnt, studied and practiced from 5 different Hatha and Ashtanga institutes. He is now still continue his study at KPJAYI to deepen his Ashtanga practice and want to share his yogic passion in teaching in Bali


Wayan Kartana has teaching yoga more than 10 years now. Find his peace in self since the first time he tried yoga. He is teaching vinyasa style and like to invite his students to feel how mind can be so calm when every movements harmonize with the breath

Indra Indo

Indra‘s attitude is simple; that to reach depth, one does not have to travel far. We already have all the solutions and improvements we seek, but we overlook them because we make ourselves believe that they have to be beyond our reach. Indra‘s Yoga poses do not challenge one’s limit – they invite one to explore one’s self. In his classes, you do less but get more results.


Yoga is holistic spiritual path through the eight limbs of yoga practice. This philosophy he puts into the class. Yoga is the interconnection between your body, mind and soul through poses, breathing and meditation. Its practice will guide you into internal calmness and increase your energy / prana into higher level of consciousness.


Abdi followed his heart and calling beginning his Yoga Journey at Sea with determination and discipline to attain a spiritual practice.His inspiration and practice stemmed from BKS Iyengar’s book titled “The path of Holistic Healing”.BKS Iyengar guided him in his studies and practice on board luxury cruise ships where Abdi was working throughout the world. After almost 4 years of self study, Abdi settled on land and introduced himself to a variety of Yoga Teachings. In 2006, Abdi began sharing his love for yoga, teaching in private villas and resorts and leading several yoga retreats in Ubud and Seminyak . Abdi specializes in Charkra philosophy within the Hatha Yoga traditions.


Jane brings a heart of knowledge and experience to her unique style of vinyasa yoga teaching. The connection she has to life is amplified through her yoga, exploring the heart, mind and soul connection of moving meditation. In 2016 she completed her 500 hour Vinyasa teacher training in India and since then has been traveling around South East Asia teaching Vinyasa and Yin yoga.


Taopik Setiawan (Tao) is a natural food Chef and yogi based in Bali, fully certified RYS 200 hours plus Thai Yoga Therapy from Thai Traditional Medicine Association of Thailand. Tao teaches Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow through an inclusive, holistic approach. Tao integrates a range of practical techniques to help facilitate the health, happiness and freedom of each individual. Yoga is an ancient method of exercise and self realization. Tao’s teaching is inspired and informed by the philosophy and history of the yoga tradition, bringing integrity and clarity to his classes. Tao wants to create a space, which is inclusive and non-competitive. As he believes yoga is a gradual process and physical improvements are eclipsed by the greater purpose of self acceptance and self-enquiry.



Lola is a movement artist, researcher, dedicated Yogi, holistic practitioner and happiness coach. Initially trained as a dancer and choreographer, she later extended her education in Dance/Movement Therapy, Yoga, Buddhist Studies, Positive Psychology, Art Therapy, and martial arts. Her training and work experience come from India, Japan, Vietnam, The Czech Republic, Spain, Indonesia, Germany and Greece. Lola is the author of several books and creator of Atma-Prema Yoga — an interdisciplinary healing method, which she teaches internationally via online courses, workshops and retreats. Lola currently resides in Bali, Indonesia.