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Master Healing Training

Grow Your Practice With The Most In-Depth Training In Energy Medicine Balinese Master Healers!

Maybe you’re a coach, counselor or complementary therapist who sees immense value in adding energy healing to the services you offer, helping your clients create massive breakthroughs.
Maybe you’re new to energy healing and feel the call to fulfill a higher purpose.
Whatever the reason, we both know the Universe has led you here for a reason.
Join us for 2 weeks intensive program that takes you from thinking to feeling to being, where healing happens naturally through you. You will learn to be the vessel to allow healing magic happens through you.


The Characteristic of Energy

♥ Subtle Body Anatomy

☑ The three body
☑ The Energy Layers & their function
☑ Chakra (Major, Minor, Evelotion, etc)
☑ Nadi and Meridian

Aura Therapy

☑ How to see aura with various methods
☑ The meaning of the colour
☑ How to cleans, strengthening & protect aura

Chakra Healing & Chakra Balancing

☑ How the blockages develop
☑ Under, Over, Blockage Chakra
☑ The foundation of doing chakra healing
☑ Chakra Healing with aromatherapy
☑ Chakra Healing with food & nutrition
☑ Chakra Healing with color therapy
☑ Chakra Healing with reflexology
☑ Chakra Healing with tibetan bowl & sound therapy


Crystal Healing

☑ Introduction to mineral kingdom
☑ How to choose crystal for healing
☑ How to cleans crystal in physical
☑ How to discharge crystal from negative energy
☑ How to cleans the spiritual energy of crystal
☑ How to awaken the spirit of crystal
☑ How to program crystal
☑ How to use crystal for healing
☑ Crystal Grid for chakra healing, etc
☑ Cutting cord with crystal
☑ Past Life Regression

Meridian Therapy

☑ The concept of Chi, Yin & Yang
☑ The concept of Five element
☑ 14 Meridians
☑ Meridian therapy with tracing and tapping
☑ Trigger point

Polarity Therapy

♥ Sound Therapy

☑ Type of Sound Therapy
☑ Instrument fo Sound Healing
☑ Tibetan Bowls * (Learn to listen to the information the instruments offer and how to bring them into their full voice)
☑ Body part frequencies
☑ Applied study on clinical instrument
☑ How to cleans space using Tibetan Bowl
☑ Learn how to apply the foundational principals to small group sound meditation sessions
☑ How to perform professional sound healing

Being Energy Healer

☑ Type of healers
☑ The Ethics
☑ The Rituals
☑ How to clear and seal the healing space
☑ How to prevent our energy from being drain
☑ Counseling theories and strategies

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