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7 Days Wellness Women's Retreat

We invite you to experience authentic Balinese culture and mindfulness at Yansha Retreat.

Far from the bustle and noise of southwest Bali, yet close enough for shopping and dining, Yansha Retreat sits nicely among the rice fields of Bali’s Gianyar region. The beauty, atmosphere and artwork of the property make it a perfect retreat for yoga, health, wellness and happiness. It’s open air design keeps guests comfortable while the many nooks provide for private reflection and meditation.

From the open air yoga studio, the healing pool,  spas and luxurious rooms, not to mention the many peaceful lounge areas throughout the premises and 5-star staff, Yansha Retreat was designed to give you unequaled comfort and an authentic connection to the people and culture of Bali.

Bring your group to Bali. We will assisting you as the retreat leader host & sellout successful retreat.

Create a custom retreat just for you, a friend or two. We got a list of experiences and activities for you.

Join an upcoming retreat and make new friend. From yoga and cultural experiences to healing and wellness retreat.


Check out the place, the people and the custom.

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