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Mandala Therapy & Chakra Reading

Join me for this introduction to the world of therapeutic techniques with mandalas. By painting and drawing mandala you will learn to interpret the basic elements of mandala and how to use it as a tool as a self knowledge. After the class, I will give you Chakra Reading, read which issues that still block you from moving forward and some tips to balance it.

What is Mandala?

The word “mandala” comes from the ancient Sanskrit word signifying “circle.” The meaning of mandalas, however, extends far beyond their simple shape. Mandalas represent the wholeness of life, and the unity that exists among living beings and the world in which we all exist. They play a role within many spiritual traditions, and can be found within a variety of cultures. Mandalas are all around us; they take the form of a pattern that has a circle within a circle.

What is Mandala Therapy?

Mandala art therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a trained therapist guides clients through a variety of artistic processes using geometric patterns in an effort to find or restore a sense of healthy mental balance. Art therapy was put into practice long before the term itself was coined, and mental health practitioners have long understood the power of artistic expression in addressing a wide range of psychological issues. Today, art therapy is used to help treat depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, anger management more. Mandalas in art therapy have gained a great deal of recent attention. They play a role within many spiritual traditions, and can be found within a variety of cultures.

"Art washes away from the soul,
the dust of everyday life."

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Book your session and enjoy this meditative, relaxing and healing active!

The class is about 3 – 4 hours and the price is IDR 500K, including all materials and tools.


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