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Chakra Yoga hosts a variety of different happenings including special class, workshops, full moon chakra meditation and movie night. There is always interesting activity for everyone.

Special Class



Saturday, 15th December 2019

 09:00 – 12:00

Join Luh Devie, a Balinese Chakra Yoga Teacher and Chakra Healer in this Special Class for activating your third eye chakra!

The third eye chakra is the sixt chakra. Located on forehead, between the eyebrows, it is the center of intuition and foresight. The function of the third eye chakra is driven to open up to an intuitive sensibility and inner perception.

In this 3 hour special class, Luh Devie will lead you to the traditional yoga sequence from the Yogic purification technique, yoga sequencing for minor chakras which is supported the third eye chakra, classical surya namaskara with mantra, pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation for activating this intuition chakra.

LOCATION : Mooladraha Shala

MORE INFO : or send whatsapp to +62 878 6151 8448


Every Friday 18:00

on the first week of the month

There are many reasons to sit in a circle. A sacred circle of women is an opportunity to grow and explore. Within the circle there’s something magical – “One sets out on a journey and returns having never left her seat.” Holding this sacred circle means what is shared or spoken is done in a sacred manner. As we listen and speak to one another, we do so in a sacred way. There is no judgment or criticism present. We are able to be open-hearted.Each story, soul and life experience, when brought to the circle, begins. Then there is light. With that source of light we get to see blind spots, make us grow and find clarity.


Deffi Gunatan is an Intuitive mind coach. Her mission is to help other to achieve their dreams and achieve mine. She believe that everybody have the ability to create their own life because we are the artist in our life an our ability to make it masterpiece.

LOCATION : Svadhistana Shala

MORE INFO : or send whatsapp to +62 878 6151 8448

Mandala Painting

Every Monday

14:00 – 17:00


The word “mandala” comes from the ancient Sanskrit word signifying “circle.” The meaning of mandalas, however, extends far beyond their simple shape. Mandalas represent the wholeness of life, and the unity that exists among living beings and the world in which we all exist. They play a role within many spiritual traditions, and can be found within a variety of cultures. Mandalas are all around us; they take the form of a pattern that has a circle within a circle.


Mandala art therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a trained therapist guides clients through a variety of artistic processes using geometric patterns in an effort to find or restore a sense of healthy mental balance. Art therapy was put into practice long before the term itself was coined, and mental health practitioners have long understood the power of artistic expression in addressing a wide range of psychological issues. Today, art therapy is used to help treat depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, anger management more. Mandalas in art therapy have gained a great deal of recent attention.

Join us for this introduction to the world of therapeutic techniques with mandalas. By painting and drawing mandala in this workshop, you will learn to interpret the basic elements of mandala and how to use it as a tool as a self-knowledge. 

LOCATION : Svadhistana Shala

MORE INFO : or send whatsapp to +62 878 6151 8448



Sunday, December 16th 


Come join us as to explore Ayurveda , the ancient health system and learn techniques for balancing your life through Dinacharya (Daily Routines), Yoga Practices for each Dosha and ways to eat more in line with your constitution. 

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basic concept of Ayurveda: the three pillars of life, the five elements, the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), the gunas (qualities) and where we can find them in our daily life. You will find out about your ayurvedic constitution (prakruti) as well as your current state (vikruti). You will get to know ayurvedic self-care practices that fit your ayurvedic type and complement your yoga practice. We make an excursus on the basic principles of ayurvedic nutrition, suitable foods and spices, and will try balancing ayurvedic teas.

And: We will practice yoga to balance different types / doshas, so you can experience how different qualities of asanas, pranayama techniques and meditations affect your body and mind.

Don’t miss the class! The space is limited only for 10 participants!

LOCATION : Mooladhara Shala

MORE INFO : or send whatsapp to +62 878 6151 8448


Wednesday, December 19th 


Learn how to communicate so you feel heard valued and understood. Understand what communication traps to avoid!

In this informative talk we explore why 90% of relationships fall apart and what to do to change this. We explore all kinds of relationships, intimate, family, friends or business. Once you learn the foundation it can be applied to every relationship.

A couples coach with over 20 years Experience in the field

LOCATION : Mooladhara Shala

MORE INFO : or send whatsapp to +62 878 6151 8448


Every Wednesday 10:00 – 17:00

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as wheel or disc or turning. Chakra Healing can be defined as a process aiming at influencing how energy moves through the chakras of the human body. Learn about the seven energy centers, some techniques to heal and balance it for balanced body, mind and soul!

– Introduction to Energy bodies
– How to scan physical & emotional unbalance
– How to see, strengthening, cleans and protecting aura
– Anatomy & Location of Chakra
– Chakra Rotation
– Chakra and endocrine glands
– How chakra affect physical & emotion
– Balance & unbalance chakra
– Chakra cycle
– What can create blockages in chakra
– How to check chakra condition
– Chakra healing with aromatherapy
– Chakra healing with food therapy
– Chakra healing with color therapy
– Chakra healing with reflexology
– Chakra healing with sound healing


Devie is a gifted Chakra Healer. She was born in a Balinese priest lineage where her parents and all her sisters now become a priest. She starts her journey in energy healing and yoga when she tried to heal herself from many physical and emotional problems such as weird addiction, cervical cancer, blood sugar and liver issues. Since 2013 she decided to share her healing practice and knowledge by running Chakra & Crystal Healing around Indonesia and other countries.

LOCATION : Mooladhara Shala

MORE INFO : or send whatsapp to +62 878 6151 8448


Every Sunday on the First Week of the Month, 10:00 – 13:00

In the workshop ‘Introduction to Numerology’, find ancient knowledge and wisdom from Numbers. With this knowledge, get a deep understanding of who you are and also others for a more meaningful relationship and improve your relationships with your spouse, children, parents and friends. Find inspiration from numerological accuracy to predict the direction of life, help determine goals and find out the challenges of life, your personality traits and strengths.

This workshop is open to all levels, including those who have no idea of what Numerology is!

– Find out the secret behind the date of birth
– Find out and anticipate the potential of sickness
– Find out the direction of luck
– Find out your partner’s characters
– Find out the characters and potentials of your children to direct them towards success
– Find out the bad side of yourself to change for the better
– Find out the choices of suitable work/career


Gede Negara, ST.

LOCATION : Svadhistana  Shala

MORE INFO : or send whatsapp to +62 878 6151 8448

Movie Night

Every Saturday 19:00 – Finish at Svadhistana Shala


The Shack

1st DECEMBER 2018

Astral City: A Spiritual Journey

8th DECEMBER 2018


15th DECEMBER 2018

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

22th DECEMBER 2018